TN Scientific Technologist Testimonial

I would like to thank the office of Richards & Kruger Immigration Law for helping me secure TN visa status.  The first time around getting my TN visa (for 3 years) I had Jeremy come to the border with me which was well worth the money and really helped me feel at ease through the process.  I had to move quickly on a job opportunity in the US, close out my previous job in Canada and I was recently married.  It was a stressful time but Jeremy helped keep the process simple and manageable.  I recently petitioned for an extension on my TN visa status and was approved for another 3 years just last week.  This again was big relief and I was very impressed with the services I received from both Kayla and Jeremy.  The process was a little different this time because I submitted my petition through the mail.  The office of Richards & Kruger Immigration Law was really prompt at answering my questions and again helping keep the process simple.  Thank you very much for your help and support, especially for helping make the process easy for my employer.  They really just had to sign some documents and I know they were impressed by your office.  I strongly recommend the office of Richards & Kruger Immigration Law.

M.H.,  TN Scientific Technologist