Testimonial from a Computer Systems Analyst

Hello, my name is Rick Parekh. I called Richards & Kruger company three weeks back and spoke to the person named Jackie. From the time I spoke to Jackie, till my TN visa was successfully retrieved, Jackie and Jeremy has been awesome and treated me very nice, with respect. These people know exactly what they are doing. Every time I will call Jackie, she will listen to my concern, pass the information to Jeremy, and assisted us in very friendly manners. Once I made the payment, Jeremy was very patient and took almost one hour to explain to me how the TN process works. Although I lived in USA before under TN from 1996 to 2003, but at that time, TN process was little different. Jeremy mentally prepared me and gave me lots of inspiration, encouraged me that I fully qualify and he showed up on time at the border. Upon my name being called, when border inspector wanted to talk to Jeremy, he was right there explaining the inspector about my experience letters, qualification and making sure that the border inspector understood and after I made the payment, he was there all the way, very supportive. I am going to continue to use this company’s professional services. I have successfully retrieved TN with very professional services from this company. Jeremy Richard is awesome. I highly recommend using this company for any US immigration matters.

  • TN Visa Computer Systems Analyst