TN Visa Approved after Denial for a Medical Examiner

TN NAFTA Profession Scientific Technologist (Deputy Lead Medicolegal Investigator) Citizenship Canadian Applicant Background 1st TN Visa Case Details Applicant previously applied on their own and was denied. Applicant then contacted our office for assistance with the TN visa application. Applicant works as a medical examiner for a medical examiner office investigating cause and manner of… Read More

TN Visa Approved for a Consultant after 3 Previous Refusals

TN NAFTA Profession Management Consultant (Aviation Consultant) Citizenship Canadian Applicant Background 1st Time TN Visa Details Applicant was hired to provide consulting services for an expanding aviation company. Applicant had made 3 previous applications for a TN visa through the advise and counsel of 2 other immigration law firms and was refused 3 times. We… Read More