TN Visa Denials and Refusals

Although both U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have increased scrutiny on the adjudication of TN visa applications, we continue to see a high rate of approvals both by mail and at the border.  Due to the increased scrutiny being applied by adjudicating Officers, it is crucial that every detail… Read More

Management Consultant (SAP Consultant)

TN NAFTA Profession Management Consultant (SAP Consultant) Citizenship Canadian Applicant Background TN Visa Previously Refused Position Details Applicant works as an SAP Consultant for a large IT consulting firm. Applicant was refused entry at Pearson Airport for lack of proper paperwork. Applicant Qualifications Related degrees and experience in the field. Application Type In person CBP… Read More

TN Visa Approved for a Computer Systems Analyst after Refusal

TN NAFTA Profession Computer Systems Analyst Citizenship Canadian Applicant Background 1st Time TN Visa Position Details Applicant works as a Computer Systems Analyst for a large consulting firm. Applicant was refused twice for a TN at the Lewiston/Queenston Port of Entry. We re-applied at the Buffalo Peace Bridge with success. Applicant Qualifications BA and MA… Read More