TN Visa Approved for Scientific Technician/Technologist

TN NAFTA Profession Scientific Technician Citizenship Canadian Applicant Background 1st time TN Visa Holder Position Details Applicant works as Food Science Technician for a large food processing company. Applicant Qualifications Related degree and experience Application Type In Person with CBP Fort Erie/Buffalo Peace Bridge Processing Time 15 Minutes Approval Length 3 years

TN Visa Approved for Scientific Technician after Denial

TN NAFTA Profession Scientific Technician/Technologist Citizenship Canadian Applicant Background 4th time TN Visa Holder Position Details Applicant works as an Electrical Technician for a large electric company dealing with electric motors used in the mining industry. Applicant was refused for a TN visa at the Peace Arch Port of Entry. We re-applied at the Buffalo… Read More

TN Visa Testimonial from a Scientific Technologist

Working with Jeremy L. Richards was a great experience, he was able to demystify the TN visa process and made it stress free for me. After I obtained an offer letter, he put together a professional packet to present at the border which was instrumental in me obtaining the TN Visa. There was no such… Read More