TN Visa Approved for Computer Systems Analyst

TN NAFTA Profession Computer Systems Analyst Citizenship Canadian Applicant Background 1st TN Visa Position Details Applicant is working as a Computer Systems Analyst working for a large IT consulting company. Applicant Qualifications Post-Secondary Diploma plus experience in the field. Application Type In person with CBP Processing Time Same Day Approval Length 3 Years

TN Visa Approved for a Scientific Food Technician

TN NAFTA Profession Scientific Food Technician Citizenship Canadian Applicant Background 2nd TN Visa Position Details Applicant is working as a Scientific Food Technician for a large nutrition company. Applicant was previously refused for having an incomplete application. We assisted in preparing the necessary documents for approval. Applicant Qualifications Degree and Reporting to a qualified professional… Read More

TN Status – By mail or at the border?

TN visa status is available to citizens of Canada and Mexico. InĀ our practice we deal extensively with Canadian TNĀ applications but also have experience helping Mexicans with the TN application process. With a properly prepared and presented application, TN status can be obtained rather quickly. TN status is also low cost when compared to other available… Read More