A TN visa is employer specific. This means that the employee in TN visa status can only work for the employer listed on CBP Form I-94 or USCIS Form I-129. If the employee changes employers or wishes to add a concurrent employer, they must obtain a new TN visa specifically authorizing employment for the new employer. After the new TN visa is obtained, the employee may commence working for the new employer. The change or addition of a TN visa for a new employer can be done by mail with USCIS through Form I-129 or in person with CBP at a U.S. port of entry, or a pre-clearance/pre-flight inspection station

USCIS or CBP will not automatically approve a TN visa for a new employer simply because the employee has received a TN visa in the past. Failure to properly file a TN visa change of employer application can result in a refusal or even a denial. If you have questions about the TN visa change of employer process, or require our assistance, contact Mr. Richards today.

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